Get actionable insights to create your most engaging email campaigns
Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns in real time. Understand customer behavior so you can optimize your strategy

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Real-time campaign performance
Use Mailatmars Statistics Dashboard to immediately see how many of your emails were delivered, blocked, or bounced. Get an overview of audience engagement analytics with email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and spam rates. See how your email performs across various email providers to spot any potential anomalies with a particular provider.
Detailed information on customer behavior
Understand where your email subscribers are spending their time and what content resonates with them by using mailatmars Click Map feature. Get a snapshot of your email’s highest performing links. Dive into your subscriber’s engagement history and metrics, so that you can make informed decisions on targeting, personalization, and segmentation.
Optimize future campaigns
Use the Campaign Comparison feature to analyze and continuously optimize your campaigns. See how two or more of your email campaigns measure up against each other. Form an understanding of what your customers respond well to and what might not be working. Make changes or adjustments to your next campaign based on quantitative data.
Professional marketing features for your most effective communications
Drive personalized and targeted communications. Use Dynamic Sections to send a single campaign that displays different messages depending on who opens it.
Group subscribers with similar interests and behaviors to send customized and personalized messages. Collect deeper insights with each send.
Contact Management
Manage your email lists seamlessly, modify individual contact properties for personalized campaigns, and easily create subscription widgets for GDPR compliance.
A/B Testing
Send your most effective emails by running tests on things like sender name, subject line, or visual content. Test up to 10 versions and see what lands best.