Give a special touch of your marketing email with mailatmars
Built amazing email template and maintain relationship with your audiance

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Add a human touch for better engagement
Marketing is all about making each customer feel special, so improve your email campaigns with a human touch. Personalize your email based on your contact’s properties, from how it looks in your recipient’s inbox to the content they read. You can also easily add dynamic content that will only be displayed to a segment of your list.
Customize email subject lines
Addressing customers by first name in the subject line has shown to improve open rates. Stand out in the inbox by piquing curiosity, making it impossible for your customer not to click.
Segment by behavior and target it
Easily create and maintain your lists group using segmentation and helps to re-target and export reports according segment
  • segmentize with send, open, and click campaign activity
  • use by default lists columns and tags for segmentization
  • easily create a campaign and export group contact in a CSV file
Professional marketing features for your most effective communications
Drive personalized and targeted communications. Use Dynamic Sections to send a single campaign that displays different messages depending on who opens it.
Group subscribers with similar interests and behaviors to send customized and personalized messages. Collect deeper insights with each send.
Contact Management
Manage your email lists seamlessly, modify individual contact properties for personalized campaigns, and easily create subscription widgets for GDPR compliance.
A/B Testing
Send your most effective emails by running tests on things like sender name, subject line, or visual content. Test up to 10 versions and see what lands best.