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We give API support for decrease your marketing load. and we also inroduced more advance SHOPIFY Marketing Platefrom.

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Using this guide you can efficintly use MailatMars app. please read and after act on MailatMars console.
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Handle other marketing stuff like manage contact list, contact images and other feature using Managemnt API.
Managemnt Documentation
We Offered transactional API for sending email throught your system with pre-built MailatMars template or dynamic content.
Transactional Documentation

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Add contact from different way like CSV file, add one by one or from Cloud.
To Builde responsive Email from Our library or edit/code in Sycista|editor
help in Manage Images for easily use in Post on Social handel or email template.
For a poll Your confusion and clerify about next step for success.
Sheduled post in multiple social media account for build interactive community.
Automate your sending interest Using API and send personalized email.
Attached Your SMTP server Or use Our server to send email direct to inbox.
Use Api To send email on your requested're able to send dynamic content with Template.
Analyze your click and open data in Social Post or Email campign for better ideas.

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Add contact that present in personal contact directly from Google Contact in list.
Import Contact from File store in DropBox and saved image present in DropBox.
Connect Shopify Store with account retrive al customer as contact in list.

Make Campign More Powerfull.

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