Improve email results for your customers
Perfect your email deliverability with a team that understands email just as well as you do.

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Hands-on support for fewer bounces and higher engagement
At mailatmars, you will work alongside a team that understands email just as well as you do. We have specific expertise in migrating large sending streams and improving deliverability for high volume senders during the crucial warmup period. Our hands-on approach to onboarding and IP warmup can help improve email metrics by 20-30%.
90% positive satisfaction rating on live chat support
Improve the results your customers see from their email campaigns.
Spend less time monitoring your reputation and email performance.
Send billions of emails at a time with unmatched speed and reliability.
Your email sending toolkit
mailatmars is the ideal partner for Marketing Platforms who need a reliable way to send billions of emails at once. The mailatmars platform is built API-first with a focus on simplicity and compliance to standards, which means getting up and running is easy. Once you’re here, you’ll find that our Email Sending Platform scales on demand and is able to send billions of emails an hour. We also have solutions for EU senders looking for GDPR compliance. Dependable and reliable, you’ll be able to send more email than ever with mailatmars.
Track and optimize your campaigns
Use the Campaign Comparison feature to analyze and continuously optimize your campaigns. See how two or more of your email campaigns measure up against each other. Form an understanding of what your customers respond well to and what might not be working. Make changes or adjustments to your next campaign based on quantitative data.
Professional marketing features for your most effective communications
Drive personalized and targeted communications. Use Dynamic Sections to send a single campaign that displays different messages depending on who opens it.
Group subscribers with similar interests and behaviors to send customized and personalized messages. Collect deeper insights with each send.
Contact Management
Manage your email lists seamlessly, modify individual contact properties for personalized campaigns, and easily create subscription widgets for GDPR compliance.
A/B Testing
Send your most effective emails by running tests on things like sender name, subject line, or visual content. Test up to 10 versions and see what lands best.